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"People are not broken and they don't need fixing"


Generally it's the unconscious internal thought patterns or strategies that a person is running, which is not helping


We can help people change them to produce a better more positive behaviour or way of thinking


1000s of people have benefited from these powerful techniques and now it's your turn


"Take action now"

Call me now on:

07973 386639

A1 NLP & Hypnosis  Training Organisation of GB 

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We specialise in emotional and behavioural change management

Over the years we have developed a unique process to identify at what level clients get stuck, and where the best place is to start making changes,

that will have the biggest impact on the rest of the person's life.  Quickly getting to the root of the problem,

and helping people to be more resourceful emotionally and behaviourally

What does a Calm Coach help with?

A Calm Coach has the skills to help you change any unresourceful negative thoughts, feelings, emotional or behavioural patterns, 

so you can be more successful and happier in any area of your life you choose

What you don't want

(unresourceful state)

What you do want

(resourceful state)

Things are getting on top of you

or you feel you can't cope

Getting your life to run smoothly

You would like to master your emotions and control how you feel

To be in a more positive, resourceful state

You're stressed out or losing control

Calm and focused and feeling in control

You're afraid or phobic of something

Feeling confident and strong

You're anxious or panicking easily

Feeling relaxed and at ease about things

You've lost focus or direction in life

A clear idea of what you want out of life

You're feeling low, depressed or stuck in a rut

Feeling up and excited about life

A past negative experience is bothering you

Learn from your experiences and leave the emotion behind

Something's holding you back, but you're not sure what

Discover the root cause and then focus on the solution

You want to achieve or get more out of life, but don't know how

Set detailed, achievable steps, that lead to success in life

Arguing, disagreeing and falling out with people

Be able to deal with difficult people, and improve relationships

Don't want to feel inadequate about your performance, mentally, physically or academically

You want to improve yourself, and feel good about yourself, in specific areas of your life

Negative thoughts

Positive thinking, empowerment and motivation

You're finding it difficult understanding others, or being understood

To be able to communicate and get on better with certain people

You want a career change but not sure what to do

Find out what the part of you that has no fear about change wants you to do

You need to plan your future, but don't know how

Clear, simple, step by step process to plan goals and well formed outcomes

Unhealthy behaviour, habit, or an addiction

To be able to control your behaviours

You're finding it difficult to remember things.

Reprogram yourself to improve your memory and learning ability

Feeling run-down or getting ill

Improve your emotional or physical wellbeing

You are eating unhealthily, or killing yourself by smoking

Change those habits to more positive healthy ones

.........."If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always got".......... Do something different today, give us a call and change your life

A1 NLP & Hypnosis Coach

North of London, Borehamwood,

Mobile: 07973 386639

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