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"People are not broken and they don't need fixing"


Generally it's the unconscious internal thought patterns or strategies that a person is running, which is not helping


We can help people change them to produce a better more positive behaviour or way of thinking


1000s of people have benefited from these powerful techniques and now it's your turn


"Take action now"

Call me now on:

07973 386639

A1 NLP & Hypnosis  Training Organisation of GB 

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 Calm Coach Training Courses 

Announcing the NEW Hypnosis Training:

"If you enjoy helping people, want great job satisfaction!

Then you are going to love this.

Read on to discover if you too can look forward to being your own boss earning £100+ per hour enjoying the freedom and great lifestyle as a professional Calm Coach/Hypnotherapist within days of completing our eight day training.."


If you think that this sounds like the perfect job description you're right. And the good news is you don't need over 3 years training to achieve the above. We will provide everything you need in an 8 day diploma training course, including expert tuition and Internationally recognised certification in the best NLP and Hypnosis techniques, a marketing and referral system, including advertising and promotional materials, everything you need that will enable you to start earning £100's per day within days of finishing the training course

   Our goal for this information brochure is quite straightforward. We want you to make money working half as hard while doing something you really enjoy. Something that gives you a fantastic sense of achievement, pleasure and satisfaction, while at the same time helping others achieve their goals and peace of mind. In the material you are about to read we are going to reveal for the first time, some of the secrets about Calm Coaching and building a successful Calm Coach business

   In short you will find in the following pages new information that is far more valuable than anything you can read in a book, concepts, ideas and strategies that will change the way you look at business and the way you look at life. We want the written material you are reading right now to be of immense value to you whether or not you decide to book on our eight-day training program now or later

Why are we giving away so many of our precious secrets?

     Let me explain. Over the years many people; (therapists and coaches) have asked us to teach them how to help their clients who suffer from emotional or behavioural issues, what the best change techniques are to use and how to market their services. We did the best we could at the time to guide them both face to face and over the phone. We quickly realised that to really help we must give them a complete system, because each piece is dependant on and contributes to the other piece just like a giant jigsaw puzzle

   In brief we wanted to help the people who choose us as mentors. Now that we have put all the pieces of the puzzle together, laid out in an easy to understand step by step workable format, we can help and guide you to put the jigsaw together and complete the whole picture quickly, simply and effectively with instant and automatic results, "guaranteed"

   We also believe that in our modern day society many people work too hard, are stressed out and have lost touch with the things they really value in life, like family, leisure and health

   Whether you have years or little relevant experience we simply want to help you improve your quality of life. We promised we would reveal some secrets so let's start now

The three secrets for success

    We have found out from years of experience and the school of hard knocks that there are three secrets to success in this business. The three secrets are all essential ingredients; if any one of them is missing it will create failure.    

    If you make sure that all of them are present, then you have the complete success system


 The few days I have just spent training with Your Life Matters have been amazing.  From start to end, the content of the course was engaging, easy to understand and superbly presented.  There was a perfect blend of theory and practice, leaving us all confident of our knowledge and understanding

Our trainer, Mick McEvoy is an inspiration.  His enthusiasm and love for the subject and for helping people is obvious and rubs off on you throughout the course.  I feel truly honoured to have spent time learning from this Master and am excited about continuing my journey

I honestly believe you will not find a better training or trainer

Jen Wilkinson

Secret 1:

Expert training and professional certification

    "Our NLP and Hypnosis Training Organisation certifications are internationally recognised"

  In a nutshell - we know our stuff, and we're going to teach you all of our secrets. Basically, we're going to use accelerated learning techniques over an eight-day period to show you what really works. Those of you who have been on any other emotional and behavioural management training need to know that this material is different.

We will give you everything you need to be up and running, confident and competent soon after leaving the course

"Thousands of therapists required"

     Thousands of company's throughout the country want to, and even are obliged to use therapists/coaches, to help reduce stress or conflict in the work place

   Paul McKenna's programs on TV have certainly helped the public be more aware of the wonderful quick and permanent results that NLP & Hypnotherapy can produce 

Another reason Calm Coaches are in great demand, is the smoking ban which was put into force on 1st July 2007

 Secret 2:

A complete proven marketing system

    Even with the best Coaching training in the world (which we hope to give you), without a complete step-by-step marketing system you'll not achieve consistent success

    Most important over the years we tested everything when it came to marketing Coaching/Therapy and we do mean everything!  From cards in shop windows to sophisticated mail-shots. From single line yellow pages through to large newspaper and magazine ads, from passing out brochures and leaflets to referral systems. Rest assured, we have tested and measured the results on all of these (and more!). We know what works, and we know what doesn't work. This will save you wasting £1000's and 100's of hours with a trial and error approach


   Our goal is to save you time, money and energy. Our proven system contains a powerful advertising and marketing methods. Time tested over years of experience in the real world of running a professional Coaching/Therapy business

Secret 3:

A complete operating system - designed to turn knowledge into action

    You may have heard the saying, "knowledge is power," but knowledge is only power if you put it into action! You need a complete operating system for practice management, so that you can organise all of the information and implement it in a simple step-to-step fashion. This way you can work on your business, not just in your business

   What everyone reading this material wants - including you - is to have a great lifestyle whilst helping people improve theirs, make more money, to have more time, and to actually enjoy your profession

   Let me explain. we will give you everything you need to achieve success beyond your wildest dreams, but you must take action RIGHT NOW you have knowledge that this is possible, but how many of you will act on that knowledge? It's only when you take action that you get results, and results are all that matters 

 The story gets even more interesting

   The next question we asked ourselves was perhaps the most important one, "how do we decide which are the best techniques?" After long discussions, we decided on four criteria that we would use to assess the massive bank of techniques we had accumulated over the years. It was decided that if we wanted to be the best in the business at helping people develop their emotional wellbeing then that change had to be

1  Quick

2  Easy

3  Permanent 

4  Fun

   The result is every technique that we've ever come across (and new ones when we design or discover them) has been assessed using these four criteria to produce what we believe to be the best specialised Calm Coaching system in the world

   We believe that change doesn't have to be slow or difficult. In fact, we know from working with 1000;s of our clients, that positive change can happen in an instant. We have developed a simple system that quickly identifies at what level the client is stuck, and which process to take them through to make the most profound changes... This is one of the reasons why our system is so easy to learn. Also, because the changes you'll be able to create with your clients are permanent, once you've learned our unique approach, because of its high success rate you'll even be able to guarantee your work - this is the only system that allows you to offer such a guarantee!

   And on top of everything else, we use techniques that are fun to do, for both you and your client, so which also adds to the enjoyment to what you are doing for a living...


Here is just some of what you will learn

    After successfully completing the training you will gain certification by our NLP and Hypnosis Training Organisation. And INLPTA (International Neuro Linguistics Programming Trainers Association) these qualifications mean you'll be ready to go out and market yourself as an elite specialist Calm Coach at Diploma level and have the capability to earn £100's per day

The 8 day Calm Coaching diploma is designed to take you from complete novice to a level of practicality (being able to use it effectively with clients) taking you through the theory stage to the practical stage and to be able to actually help people make changes in their lives.  

On the eight days of the Calm Coaching diploma you will be taught how to help people:

q      Get to the route of the problem

q      Find their inner resources

q      Increase their self esteem

q      Change behaviours or habits

q      Eliminate stress

q      Resolve internal or external conflict

q      Banish fears or phobias

q      Drive up their motivation

q      Get on top of things

q      Become relaxed and calm

q      To start enjoying life

q      Plan their future

q      Manage your state in any situation

q      Check the ecology for making any changes

q      Set well defined outcomes and goals

q      Maintain peak mental performance

q      Uncover what's really holding them back

q      With their Personal Development

q      Feel competent and capable

q      Become more happy or content

q      Feel more confident or courageous

q      To be more hopeful or optimistic

q      Eliminate nervousness

q      Manage Pressures of life

q      Get on with others easier

q      Achieve goals easier and quicker

q      Find creative ways to solve problems

q      Get more pleasure out of life

q      Create a positive mental attitude

q      Learn language patterns that influence people

q      Improve their sporting performance

q      Quieten the mind from internal chitter chatter

q      Overcome the effects of past negative experiences

The NLP Diploma part of the Calm Coaching Course is recognised and validated by the International Neuro Linguistic Programming Trainers Association (INLPTA) and this training can go towards your Hypnotherapy certification, Meaning: once you have completed your Calm coach Diploma you would only need to do an extra 4 days of hypnotherapy training with us, to gain certification as a fully qualified hypnotherapist as well, Our Hypnosis qualification is recognised internationally through the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council of Great Britain; plus recognised by 114 other hypnosis training organisations internationally,  If you would like an information pack on the Hypnotherapy course, give us a call on: 07973 386639


I left feeling fully enlightened and full of confidence.  The course offered great value for money and was totally worth the investment both in time and money, The instructors put the whole information over with great ease and enthusiasm

I would recommend the course to anybody who wants to either help others or just themselves

Irvine Long

Earn £100's per day...consistently!

    It doesn't matter what your background is, or which of the following boxes you tick:

q       Perhaps you have wasted £1,000's on inferior training and are eager to start making that money back

q       Perhaps you're exhausted from working the 9-5 treadmill and would like to be semi-retired and enjoying your life with a handsome income

q       Perhaps you're already a therapist or a coach who has done several trainings but just can't seem to make money doing what you love because you don't have a system to guide you or the marketing skills

q       Perhaps you want to change your career but are afraid of losing a secure income

q       Perhaps you are a coach or therapist already and want to have the support of an organisation that cares

q       Perhaps you're retired and would like a healthy income to enjoy in your golden years

q       Perhaps you just want to slow down, relax, and start enjoying life

   Whatever your particular situation, we know that using our accelerated learning process, within this eight day training you'll be able to learn all you need to know about our unique Calm Coaching system and not only will the training pay for itself in no time, but it's possible you could soon be making  £100's per day

Afraid of losing a secure income during the transition period!

   This is a concern for most; they think they have to leave the security of their existing job and income to become a Calm Coach, this is simply not true, most of our Calm Coaches start by building up clients on one day at the weekend, in fact we recommend this approach, not only does this give you peace of mind and the security of a constant income from your existing job, but because you are now earning more money than you have ever earned before it has a psychological affect on you that makes you come across much more confident to your clients

   The idea is to fill a Saturday or  Sunday  with 4 - 5 clients at £50 - £100 per hour, once you find that this day is fully booked one or two months in advance you have the option of filling up the other days and when your weekends are fully booked in advance and you have proved to yourself that our system works consistently, you should then be in a better position to make the decision to go into Calm Coaching/Therapy fulltime and retire from working 9 - 5 Mon - Fri or to carry on as you are!

Let's face it, you will be having so much fun, getting so much satisfaction helping others, it won't really feel like work anyway!

   So how exactly can I get started as a Hypnotic Coach?

    Apart from the obvious one, booking yourself onto the diploma course now!

After completing the course there are many areas you can get started in as a Calm Coach. I am tempted to tell you about some of them now!

Ok here are just a few of the things that we will explain and show you:

q      How to take advantage of the many local businesses opportunities that exist

q      How you can deliver your essential services right to the doorstep of those most in need

q      How to gain access to facilities in health centres and professional establishments

q      How to create phenomenal networks and referral systems

q      How to discover niche market opportunities that guarantee success

q      How to turn a local school or village fete into a massive business and client making opportunity!

q      How to create powerful evening seminars and workshops

   We will show you how to increase the revenue you can obtain from being a successful Calm Coach by using the correct time frames both in length of session and the time between sessions

   You will discover how you can use group presentations to dramatically increase your revenue, how to operate and market these free seminars

    You will be shown proven formats and templates that will excite and fulfil your client's needs. These customer winning methods are available for you to tailor make to your client's requirements. The smoking and weight loss market holds the key to most Calm Coaches businesses and is an easy market to develop and expand in. Clients in this category represent the largest segment of revenue from any category of Coaching/Therapy sessions

 Why do our Calm Coaches succeed

   Now you are probably beginning to see why our training courses fill up so quickly and why our trainees succeed where other training companies fall way short

   One of our biggest secrets we put in place very early on in our business that has put us on the map as the leaders in the field of Coaching/Therapy, is not just to train good Calm Coaches but also successful Calm Coaches. Meaning: giving them the tools to grow their business and reap the rewards. Our philosophy is our success is guaranteed as long as our students are successful

   It is vital for your success as a Calm Coach that you understand this! It is one of the biggest dividing lines between our World Calm Coaching Federation of Great Britain and other training company's. There are more but we refrain from disclosing them publicly as we don't want that information to get into the hands of our competitors



 The course has been outstanding.  Learning from Mick is always a pleasure; he makes the learning process very easy, I feel he has made me a new person.  Chocolate is a thing of the past, I am glowing from the inside out

The power of Calm Coaching is mind blowing, relaxing and empowering; you can see the change in a person straight away

Thank you Mick       Graham Harrington


   We at the A1 NLP & Hypnosis Training organisation and The Calm Coaching Federation of Great Britain recognise that most people who want to get into coaching/therapy are what we term: givers! And not really driven by the prospects of making lots of money, meaning they are motivated from the satisfaction they get from helping others, they feel good about helping other people become more resourceful and successful

   On the other hand we want you to earn more than £50,000 per year working only 3 days per week, having fun, and to live the lifestyle you deserve as a Hypnotic Calm Coach, because the more you earn the stronger and more successful your business will become, and that is hugely important to us and to our own success, that is why we have put the whole package together, kind of like a franchise but without the huge investment or restrictions. And giving you all the tools and help we can, to give you the opportunity to quickly recoup your initial investment and carry on


    Peter Drucker, the famous business guru, and author of over thirty books, who is arguably the world's greatest business growth expert once said that, "because its purpose is to create a customer, the business has two - and only two functions: marketing and innovation. Marketing and innovation produce results, all the rest are costs"

   We have learned from hard-earned experience that the above statement is absolutely true. With our innovative easy to learn Calm Coaching system, our complete marketing system, and our practice management operating system, you'll have everything you need for long term business success

   In addition we are going to give you all of the components of the marketing machine. We're actually going to give you all of the pieces of the plan, help you to put it together, and we're even going to help you turn the handle the first few times! (With a year of telephone consultation). Let's look at some of the important components of the marketing machine right now. To get you started you need.

Magical networking techniques

    Simply stated networks are people talking to each other, sharing ideas, information and resources. The important part is the communication that creates the linkages between people and groups of people. We will show you how to use family, friends, neighbours, phone calls, papers, leaflets, lectures, workshops, parties, grapevines, tapes, newsletters, seminars and much much more

   All great networkers are givers; all great Calm Coaches are by definition givers, so you should be a great networker! Simply stated the more you give the more you will receive, it is a fact of life in an ever-changing world. They can talk about how effective the worldwide web can be, but it will never take the place of networking in the service industry. Not only will we demonstrate the importance of networking we will give you a step-by-step method to use. Standby to have more new business and friends than you ever thought possible


Sometimes we trip over a life changing opportunity and just pass it by.  This course will change your life - don't pass it by - just do it now!

I would have no hesitation in recommending this course to anyone

Thanks for a great learning     Mark Wright


Get off the 9 -5 treadmill and be your own boss

    Imagine, what it would be like if you could be your own boss and set your own hours? In a job your employer gets to decide your earnings, the exact hours you will work your holiday time, and whether or not you'll even continue to have a job. Is that job security? "We don't think so"

   Just think, with our complete system you could be off that 9-5 treadmill

We've spoken to so many people who've said that they're fed up with their jobs, stressed out, and spend all of their time looking forward to the weekend, or to a couple of weeks holiday a year

   Why work all week long, every week, doing a boring job - living for the weekend or the occasional holiday? Let's face it; all that most people need to be financially independent of their jobs and thus get off the 9-5 treadmill is about £2k per month. Think about it, if you're making £100's per day, you can easily do that by taking two days off from your existing job each week or even using Saturdays and Sundays to see clients. Once you have proven to yourself how easy it is, you can quit your job and join the world of the semi-retired and start enjoying life


The whole course has been an eye opener!

I didn't expect to receive as much personal benefit as I did.  We formed a tight knit group right from the start and genuinely willed each other to succeed.  Mick has been an inspiration and his teachings have reinforced my feelings that this is what I want to do, and I am who I want to be 

Susan Long

Help change your own life by knowing how to help others change theirs!

   Our NLP and Hypnosis Training Organisation recognised that many people who go on courses to learn NLP or Hypnosis, come away having learnt a whole new range of new skills but not any real format for putting them together, to help others or to make changes in their own lives! For example if someone was afraid of public speaking would you (in NLP terms) just do self anchoring or collapsing anchors? Have you really taken everything else into consideration? And how sure are you that the brain won't go back to the line of least resistance after your session with them? And what sort of guarantees are you willing to give your paying client that the work you will do with them will be successful?

  From experience we know that you can have it all. We're here to prove to you that you can have the time, the money, a truly meaningful profession, and quality of life. We encourage you to change the "so called" normal work week of five days on and two days off, and we're going to show you how to make two or three times your present income, not only working  three days a week and having four days off, but also planning your holiday time in terms of months rather than weeks

   Ask yourself this "am I really enjoying my life?" Someone once said that, "the trouble with the rat race is that even if you win, you're still a rat." Join us by stepping out of the rat race, step off that 9-5 treadmill, and finally start enjoying your life. Be your own boss, set your own hours, create your own security, run your own business, and lead your own life

Running your own business - simplified

    So there you have it, after years of research and development, just suppose you already have our unique Calm Coaching system, and our complete marketing system. You now have a huge buffet selection of the absolute best time tested Calm Coaching techniques in the world, as well as our complete competition-crushing marketing system of optimised processes, procedures, and techniques - all in a simple and easy to use format. The question now is, "so, how do I properly and continuously apply all of these techniques to produce consistent results over time?"

   Imagine if you had the most powerful computer with the best applications in the world, it is still not going to work in an easy, smooth running, and effective way - unless, you have a simple integrated operating system to connect it all together

Do you qualify to come onto the course?

    This training is completely different from any other training. In fairness to you, and because we will only train people that are suitable and who we think will be successful after the training, we should let you know now that you would not be accepted onto the course if you have a criminal record

By contacting our representative on 07973 386639 we will ask you a few simple questions regarding your suitability to becoming a

professional Hypnotic Coach


There is no doubt in my mind that this course has changed my life.  I am now aware of the inner workings of my mind and how to manage it, to mine and others' advantage.  The manner in which the course content was delivered was easily understood and was presented extremely well

Thanks for making my life better!

Simon Goldsmith

So, what's the investment for the 8 Day Hypnotic Calm Coach Diploma Training?


This includes all the materials required during training, manuals, bonus pack and refreshments!

How to book your place NOW

If you sign up and pay a deposit of £500 within 14 days of talking to me, you will receive our course manual which will dramatically increase the predictability of gaining full certification

The balance to be paid 30 days before course start date

"How long will it take for the training to pay for itself?"

 That depends on the location of your practice! If you work from Harley Street in London, you could recoup your investment with just two clients! Hypnotherapists have been known to charge up to £1000 for a single smoking cessation, many other Hypnotherapists fees for the same smoking cessation are between £250 and £299, find out what the going rate is in your area and do the same, so if it's £150, it could take as little as 7 clients (2 days) to recoup your investment, and from that point on you're making a profit

And one more thing

     Remember, it doesn't matter what your background is, you could be earning £100's a day soon after certification, and we won't take your money if this is not the right training for you!

    Here is your challenge: reading this information and doing nothing, as doing nothing will not change your life! If you thought you had all the answers you simply wouldn't have read this in the first place. If you continue to do what you have always done, you will continue to get what you've always got! Decide now to take control, work less than half the number of hours, plan holidays in terms of months rather than weeks, and live a lifestyle that most people can only dream of.  You'll thank us many times for motivating you to book yourself onto this 8 day training course now


 Mick has proven to be an effective coach and exciting trainer, His style is comfortable and supportive and his energy and enthusiasm is contagious.  He enabled me to be more self accepting and to know that my map of the world is perfect and unique and that others just have equally valid maps.  His teaching has been quite holistic and has integrated all parts, so far explored, of the human mbs.  I have far more confidence in myself and the techniques are great tools to assist me on my journey, tools for tweaking to peak performance and also, at times, for a little roadside assistance.

Mick's caring nature has given me a supportive net and his knowledge and use of NLP & Hypnosis has been an inspiration. Lisa Ellis

You can't lose with our 100%
ironclad money back guarantee

   Your satisfaction is assured through our no risk, can't lose 100% iron clad money back guarantee. If for any reason, at the end of the first day you aren't thrilled about the training, just contact a member of staff and we'll refund 100% of your investment, and there will be no hard feelings

To reserve your place on a Diploma course

Just call 07973 386639

 Wishing you health, wealth, happiness and success


 Mick McEvoy

Founder and Chairman of the Calm Coaching Federation of Great Britain

P. S. Remember, we want to keep the size of each training down to a reasonable number, so don't delay. Act now to  reserve your place while it's still fresh in your mind

P P S. We are presently developing the weight loss coaching format to be launched very soon, (for trained calm coaches) this is going to be big, so you really want to be ready to get in at the launch of this new business opportunity.

.........."If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always got".......... Do something different today, give us a call and change your life

A1 NLP & Hypnosis Coach

North of London, Borehamwood,

Mobile: 07973 386639

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