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A1 NLP & Hypnosis Training
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"People are not broken and they don't need fixing"


Generally it's the unconscious internal thought patterns or strategies that a person is running, which is not helping


We can help people change them to produce a better more positive behaviour or way of thinking


1000s of people have benefited from these powerful techniques and now it's your turn


"Take action now"

Call me now on:

07973 386639

A1 NLP & Hypnosis  Training Organisation of GB 

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Mick McEvoy

Is the founder and Chairman of...

The Calm Coaching Federation of Great Britain

and A1 NLP & Hypnosis Training

       NLP/Hypnotherapy, Coaching and Training Organisations that offers a series of courses and trainings in UK, Ireland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Spain, which help people enjoy a better quality of life
Mick has trained with one of the grand masters and pioneers of NLP, Dr Wyatt Woodsmall, and has been certified by INLPTA (International Neuro Linguistic Programming Trainers Association) as a fully qualified Master and Trainer of NLP, and the International PBH (Professional Board of Hypnotherapists) as a qualified Hypnotherapist and Trainer of hypnosis

He is a qualified Practitioner in Time Line Therapy, and also practices EFT and EMDR   He is one of the few trainers in the country that can teach and qualify others in hypnosis, to a level where they can successfully help people change deep habits/behaviours like smoking, or to make other permanent emotional life changes

Hypnosis is extremely effective when combined with NLP

The reason our work has been attracting such massive interest, is that over the past few years we have made astounding progress, and are getting extremely fast effective long lasting results with clients' as a direct result of designing and combining the most effective NLP and hypnosis strategies in the world for communicating with the subconscious mind, switching on peoples creative genius, and tapping in to the enormous power that they possess, and help them overcome a variety of emotional or behavioural issues with detailed personalised NLP & Hypnosis sessions 

        That's what Calm Coaching sessions are all about. Once you've experienced a Calm Coaching session you'll be well on your way to enjoying the kind of life you deserve.  As you will soon discover there isn't any risk in finding out how we can quickly help you improve your life


Why is the consultation session free?

This gives me the opportunity to find out from you what's making it so difficult for you to change, and to gather important information which will enable me to personalise a session specifically for you and your needs.  I will explain all about NLP and hypnosis and what to expect during and after a session.  And it gives you the opportunity to experience the power of a Calm Coaching session and to ask any questions you may have

   I promise that I will not pressurise you in anyway into making any decisions or bookings at any time, because this has to be your decision, and I will only work with you if you truly want to change.  Now, I hope this experience will give you the peace of mind, and the confidence to book a full session with me to finally free yourself from this problem quickly, once and for all

   Take action now and reserve your free consultation. phone to find out the times and dates available

Mobile: 07973 386639

Just sit back and relax
follow our simple instructions and
your success will be:


If you want to be in control of your life, your behaviours and your emotions then book a life changing session with one of Britain's leading behavioural and emotional change specialists, where you will discover the most powerful NLP and Hypnosis tools in the world for transforming the quality of your life

.........."If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always got".......... Do something different today, give us a call and change your life

A1 NLP & Hypnosis Coach

North of London, Borehamwood,

Mobile: 07973 386639

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